Are you saving for a house or a new car? Or just for that additional bit in the bank? Wonder how much you will have in your account at the end of a given period, given an expected rate of return?

With this simple savings calculator, you can understand how much you will be able to accumulate if you continue saving diligently over a given period.

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We know that you want to plan for your child’s future and provide her or him with the best education. We are here to help you do just that! Our Child Education Planner will help you determine how much money you will need for your child’s dream education, right from high school to post graduation, and therefore how much you need to save regularly, given an expected rate or return and inflation rate.

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Will a little planning and a little discipline you can ensure that your post-retirement life is everything you want it to be. This planning begins with an understanding of the amount you should have saved by the time you retire. And this calculator will help you do just that!
Our Retirement Planning Calculator will help you to determine the corpus (total amount) you will need on the day you retire, for the post-retirement life you are dreaming about.

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How often have you spent a couple of hundreds on something avoidable and told yourself that it’s okay as it’s such a small amount? Now divert that amount to a savings jar and see the amount you can save by the end of the year. Take this 52-week challenge and save more than Rs. 18000. And all you’ll have to do is take simple measures to curb wasteful expenses and saving that money each week.

Take our 52-week savings challenge

Watch this space for simple ideas for plugging the money leaks and save this amount without impacting your lifestyle at all.

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All of us need some way of determining where our money is going each month. Creating a budget with a template can help us feel more in control of our finances and let us save money for our goals. A budget done correctly is the most precise tool for analysing your finances. It answers two key questions...

    1. Do I spend more than I earn?
    2. What can I afford to spend?
Once you know where you're spending, you can start to alter and prioritise what you do with your money to enable you to stick within your means. Our Monthly Budget Planner puts you in control of your household spending and your savings.

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If you’re planning an event or a party, there’s one step that is essential to making that event happen: creating the budget. Without a budget, it is very easy for the expenses to get out of hand. We know this, but most of us struggle to make such a budget because we do not know where to start.

Well, you can start here! Use our customisable Party Budget Planner to prepare the budget for the next party.
We have shown an example of a birthday party, but you may customise it to any event or party you wish to plan for. Just download this planner and use it to plan your next get together!

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Buyer beware

  1. MRP
    1. Next time you buy something, check the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) printed on the item.
    2. Make sure you are not paying more than the MRP.
    3. You can however, ask for a discount on the MRP.
  1. Combo offers
    1. Every time you come across a combo offer, do not assume that it will be better.
    2. Check whether you need all the items in the combo.
    3. Also check whether the cost of the items together is less than the cost of what you would have bought if the combo was not available.


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